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Welcome to the TFF Digital Labs - a first-of-its-kind global collaboration platform built by Thought For Food that equips you with the resources, skills, and connections you need to change the world.

TFF Challenge 2022

"How to feed 10 billion people by 2050 on a hotter planet?"

This is the biggest challenge facing our future, and we need answers now. The TFF Challenge is the world’s most diverse and impact-focused innovation competition in food and agriculture

  • 8,000+
    new ideas generated
  • 80+
    startups launched
  • $200+
    million raised

Discovery Labs

Need inspiration? Here’s your toolbox of resources to lead and succeed in today’s world. Build an idea. Learn about important trends and topics. Build next-gen skills and mindsets.

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Using the TFF Digital Labs

"A next-gen learning and collaboration platform"

Dive into all kinds of amazing tools and resources to turbocharge your innovation: expert masterclasses, live sessions, open-source datasets, hardware blueprints, events and a talent hub. The possibilities are endless!

  • 12,000+
  • 180+
  • 140
    live sessions

Join our free masterclasses.

Discover the theory and practice of systems thinking, systems leadership, unintended consequences, partnerships and coalition building. Presented by eminent leaders from The Rockefeller Foundation, Africa Development Bank, IDEO, MIT, Cornell, Blue Marble Evaluators - and more.

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Change can only happen if we collaborate

You’re born to be a change maker? TFF will feel like home to you. 30,000+ community members from 175 countries, 14 Regional Coordinators, and over 500 Ambassadors await you with open arms and the shared passion to drive impactful change locally and globally.

  • 30,000+TFF Community
  • 500+TFF Ambassadors
  • 175+Countries

TFF Ambassador

"I was so excited to get involved in TFF’s program and learn more about the regional and global efforts on food innovation"

TFF Digital Labs

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"If you are an entrepreneur in the food and agri business, TFF is the community you should be a part of"

TFF Digital Labs


Take part in or host live sessions and open conversations that generate insights and plant new seeds. Zoom talks, meetups, ideation workshops—you name it! With our new events page, you’ll never miss any of our upcoming events.

We can’t change the world alone. Together we can.

Join our global community of passionate, next-gen change makers. This is our time to disrupt old systems and make space for new ones.

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