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The TFF Digital Labs embodies a new approach to global learning, startup acceleration, and collaboration that improves the speed and impact of beneficial innovation across the entire food and agriculture value chain.
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Coming Spring 2021

Our TFF Digital Labs is getting an upgrade! We will be offering new programs, partners, features, and functionalities—plus we’ll be announcing the launch of the TFF Challenge 2021! Stay tuned and get excited!

In the meantime, please go ahead and get involved with our activities and community. We have live conversations with inspiring speakers from around the world, and TFF Topical Weeks where we take on a trending topic to get past the hype and high-level messages that dominate headlines and webinars. Together, we will create new insights and research, be inspired, and share lessons, ideas, and opportunities with fellow burgeoning innovators and entrepreneurs in all parts of the world.

Welcome to TFF!

About the TFF Digital Labs

When we built the TFF Digital Labs, we wanted to make the knowledge from within our global network freely available to anyone from anywhere at any time. It is our aim to reinvent how and where solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our food systems are developed and taken forward.

The TFF Digital Labs is a mobile-optimised and highly-scalable digital platform addresses the specific needs and expectations of the next generation of agrifood innovators everywhere on the planet.

Focused on real impact, it helps empower passionate young people with the skills, mindsets, and connections they require to build and lead successful social-impact companies in the 21st century. The TFF Digital Labs features smart content that is well-placed to define and inspire the future of food and agriculture.

Live Sessions

The weekly live sessions are a chance to start real discussions with a diverse and multidisciplinary group of experts, creatives, and visionaries, and explore the most relevant topics in the industry.

Take a glimpse at one of our past live sessions with Google’s Lead for Circular Economy, Mike Werner:

Collaboration is key to any entrepreneur’s success. The TFF Digital Labs incentivises peer-to-peer and expert mentoring by matching entrepreneurs directly with peers, industry partners, growers, customers and investors.

Are you a next-gen changemaker looking to create an impact? Join us!

Our partners

We collaborate with leaders in innovation to provide exclusive perks and resources for our participants.

2019/20 TFF Challenge

For the first time ever, the TFF Challenge – food and agriculture’s leading collaborative startup competition – was underpinned by the Digital Labs. Within three months, Thought For Food have attracted 5,200 participants from 175 countries who have completed 15,000 topics, engaged 145 expert mentors, and hosted over 30 live sessions.

The TFF Challenge puts the commitment of the next generations towards purpose-driven, impact-focused innovation and entrepreneurship into real action. Built for and by the next generation, the TFF Digital Labs helps develop scalable solutions that address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

2019/2020 Challenge Themes
2019/2020 Challenge Finalists
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